If you are a newb or soon to be evom converted - Why are the tights so great you ask?!

The tights the "G.O.A.T" as our community call them - (Greatest Of All Time).. I. get totally lost with these new age acronyms - is it cos i'm old.... I usually have to google these and pretend I know exactly what i'm hearing or reading....  like FOMO... 

These are the tights we first launched back in 2019 - long after I was down a deep dark rabbit hole with pockets of "what the fuck" into the unknown, seeking for the best material and supplier.  I found myself talking to suppliers from all over the globe.  I had no knowledge of anything to do with e-commerce let alone designing and selling clothing. I just knew what I needed - I was desperate, longing for the perfect tight for Women with the same tight love affair as I.   A long long story with trials and tribulations short.  Sample after sample ongoing, I finally found what I was looking for.  I remember the very first sample I picked up from the courier depot - it was all kinds of wrong but it was a signal my journey has begun... months later they were born - the G.O.A.T tights,  and they have been our top selling product ever since.
The material is like a second skin, a special blend of Nylon and Spandex with four way stretch technology for longevity and density.  These tights will last you a long time due to the high quality compression fabric and 4 way flat lock stitching.  The waist band has been specially designed to provide core support (tummy control) and support firmly without digging in (hate that), this is due to the high quality soft material and the structured internal double lined mesh paneling - seems a lot but its a formula of perfection.  The seams are strategically set out and centred to create an even, comfortable spread throughout your midsection.  They have deep pockets for your snacks and of course, they will not slide down when you move .
A lot of time and effort and has gone into designing these beautiful tights - a lot of second guessing and trial and error, testing and squatting for see through proof, burpees, jumping squats - all part of the quality assurance process.  They are not just a generic tight with unnecessary features, they are made with purpose - practicality, comfort, performance and of course with love.  As a curvy Woman with weight that has fluctuated most of my life and having two kids - I completely get it, and I know what you need.   
When you buy from us, you are supporting a small family owned business that has a passion for providing activewear to help make you feel good and bring confidence during your health and wellness journey.  We want you to feel like what you are.  Beautiful.
LJ xx