About Evom

Hello, thank you for coming to visit my page, I am LJ and I am the owner of Evom.   I wanted to start a business so I could be more available and flexible to my kids and to relieve the stress and pure madness of working full time in corporate and running a house hold.  I was always running against the grain.    

I chose activewear as being a curvy Woman I always struggled to find tights and sports bras that would fit me well and make me feel good. I always struggled with maintaining my weight, and I needed activewear that fit around and over my curves.  What i love most about my tights is the waist band.  It is super high and has extra internal paneling for more mid section support - this took many revisions to achieve the final piece. I am truly proud of my creation and believe this is what sets us a part from the rest. The waist band is high, like actually high and very supportive for those who need more snatching midsection hold and support. I mean, lets be honest, after kids its not the same down there, or anywhere for that matter - and look, I know i cant continue to blame the kids... so yeah food belly too.....

Evom was borne with a purpose to empower and inspire you to do the best you can and ‘Make your Move’ - go after what you want and do what the F will make YOU happy and of course "Move" to take care of your health. 

Thank you for your love and support

LJ xo